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Casalingo Italian Restaurant

Casalingo, a charming Italian restaurant nestled in the heart of Ainsworth, Bolton, warmly invites you to indulge in an exquisite assortment of delectable Italian dishes.

Our carefully curated menu boasts an extensive range of culinary delights, crafted with passion and precision to ensure a truly memorable dining experience. Immerse yourself in the rich flavours of Italy as you explore our diverse selection of mouthwatering appetizers, sumptuous mains, and irresistible desserts.


Award winning Italian restaurant

Award winning Italian restaurant situated in the quaint village of Ainsworth,

Casalingo offers authentic Italian dishes with Sardinian and Sicilian influence. Contemporary decor, relaxed ambience, fine wine and skilled authentic Italian chefs. You will definitely be treated to a memorable dining experience.


Discover Casalingo Italian Restaurant dishes, combining quality ingredients and wholesome meals served with a good selection of wines. We create our dishes from locally sourced seasonal produce.

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Offering specialized foods of popular Italian tastes